About Us

Founded by Danielle Rodriguez, Miss Kitsch Lifestyle stands for the Empowered Woman. Our team in Mallorca- Spain works hard to bring you limited-edition designs that cut through the noise. But we don’t want to dress you. We want you to wear us, not vice versa.

About Danielle

Miss Kitsch Lifestyle was founded by Danielle Rodriguez in her Goan beach house back in 2004 with a strong passion for a Freedom Lifestyle. We love that story. In fact, Danielle is writing a book about it to be out soon ! About her vision of a planet where woman are financially and emotionally independent and the “ know-hows” that she found along this 10 year journey since Miss Kitsch was born back in the day in Goa – India where she lived 10 years.

It’s about being the owner of your life woman ! Owning your choices as much as you do your mistakes, and knowing that life starts between the end of your comfort zone cross with the path of least resistance. It’s about occupying your present moment and taking charge of your future.

She wants to inspire women to discover their power to create an amazing life.